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Harvard 4 1/4

Harvard 4 1/4" Marine Clock for Light Vessel - LV-44
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Harvard Clock Co. 4 1/4" Marine Clock for the Light Vessel 44. The dial is marked Harvard Clock Co., Boston. The back of the back flange is stamped LV44 and PJC. The movement is serial number 233. LV44 built for the US Light House Establishment by Pusey & Jones, Wilmington, DE in 1882 was the first of only 4 iron hulled lightships. LV44 measured 115 feet, 25 " in beam and drew 10' 6". She was propelled by sail but had steam auxiliary machinery for the sound signal only. LV44 was the last lightship without propulsion machinery. She was in service at the Northeast End Station, New Jersey and later transferred to Cornfield Point, CT serving another 12 years.

Harvard Clock Co. 9

Harvard Clock Co. 9" Marine Clock for Kline Bro & Co.
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An exceedingly rare marine clock. Harvard Clock Company was only in business from about 1880 to1884. Their total production was perhaps as few as 800 clocks. The 9" dial is engraved "Kline Bro. & Co., Philadelphia, PA". The bezel is 10 1/4" in diameter. The back flange is 10 7/8" in diameter. The bezel of the case is hinged. The movement is attached to the dial and hinges with the dial. The 7 jewel movemnet with serial number 241 is unsigned but, by it's details, was certainly made by the Harvard Clock Co. See the Chelsea Clock Museum webpage on Harvard Clock Co. for other examples of unsigned Harvard movements. The case has been polished and lacquered. The dial has been resilvered. The movement has been overhauled. The clock keeps excellent time.

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