E. Howard & Co. No. 10 Reissue

ID: 4000 | This clock is sold

E. Howard & Co. No 10 Reissue Figure Eight Wall Clock. Serial number 212. Ca. 1976. Accompanying the clock is a framed certificate presenting the clock to the original owner. The certificate is signed by Dana Blackwell, Chief Engineer at E. Howard. Below I quote the Howard sales literature for the No. 10. "A weight driven timepiece of harmonious proportions, the Model 10 has been a perennial favorite since it's introduction in the 1860's. The graceful curves that join it's upper and lower sections highlight the traditional eight inch Howard dial. The pendulum bob is visible in the gold bordered opening of the circular red and black bottom glass. A gold plated invar pendulum rod assures the most accurate timekeeping possible. The two foot nine inch case is of hand rubbed black walnut. The Model 10 was a popular clock among jewelers who often hung it in a prime location in their shop." The clock is in the finest all original condition. The E. Howard signed and properly numbered movement has been serviced and the clock is in fine running condition keeping excellent time.

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