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Eastman Clock C o. 10 inch Marine Clock for Shaw Kendall & Co.

Eastman Clock C o. 10" Marine Clock for Shaw Kendall & Co.

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Eastman Clock Co. 10" Dial Marine Clock. This clock was made for The Ashcroft Mfg. Co., and "The Shaw Kendall & Co., Toledo, Ohio as shown on the dial. The dial has been resilvered. The key locking case has been polished and lacquered. The fine quality nickel damascened movement is signed Eastman Clock Co. and is stamped with serial number 36. The clock is in fine running condition. An exceedingly rare and desireable marine clock. The clock is listed in the Chelsea Clock Museum Eastman Register of surviving Eastman clocks and movements. Eastman Clock Co. was only in business from 1894 to 1896. Visit chelseaclockmuseum.com for more information about the fine clocks produced by Joseph Eastman and a complete listing of his clocks.

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